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Consumer demand greatly impacts the way retailers stock their produce departments. Consumers expect their stores to stock a variety of produce that is visually appealing, can be purchased year-round, tastes great, and lasts a long time. Not many suppliers can fill that tall order, but PPI can.

From day one, we’ve built our reputation on more than just fresh produce. We provide the optimal combination of fresh produce, custom packaging, and timely shipments to meet the needs of all size retailers. Working with growers and shippers across the country and internationally gives us access to produce that is in season year-round. Working with our sister companies gives us streamlined shipping options, which puts fresher, longer-lasting produce on your shelves. We can also provide a full line of organic produce to suit your needs.

We work with retail kitchens/commissaries to produce fresh processed product to supplement their operation. We work with your chefs to duplicate their cuts/recipes.

Add our customized packaging and labeling options, which give you the look and quality you want, and you have a winning combination for stocking your store’s produce department.

Convenient Stores

Grab and go is the name of the game in the convenience store business, and consumers are not willing to compromise quality for convenience. As more and more people turn to healthier lifestyles, convenience stores are faced with stocking more fresh fruits and vegetables.

The benefit of working with PPI is customizable options regardless of how large or small your order is. We can provide fresh-cut fruits and veggies for individual consumption in your choice of packaging – even grab and go cups. The possibilities are practically endless.

If your store has a commissary or dining area, we can supply the bulk quantities you need to make your side dishes or the fresh veggies for your in-store sandwich program.

Food Service

Restaurants and other foodservice organizations are under a lot of pressure to reduce waste while delivering a beautiful presentation of food. We have always worked closely with our food service accounts to ensure they get exactly what they want, every single time. In fact, we have been a partner with major national restaurant brands for years, who trust us to pack their fresh produce to their specifications, with our high food safety standards, at a contracted price.

If a standard package size of bulk produce isn’t the best fit for your operation, we’ll pack and customize a shipment to suit your needs. We’ll also customize our fresh-cut produce to virtually any cut size and packaging you specify. Your PPI order is always full of delicious, uncompromising freshness. Careful monitoring of temperature and cleanliness guarantee your produce will look and taste as good when you receive it as it did when we selected it.


Frequenting the local farmer’s market daily is nice work if you can get it, but most restaurants simply do not have the manpower to do that. Not to mention that what’s in season locally isn’t always what’s on your menu. That’s never a problem when you partner with PPI.

In addition to custom cuts and packaging, we can provide you with custom blends and food preparation, such as pre-washed potatoes that are oven ready, or whole peeled roasted garlic.

Food Manufacturers

PPI is proud to work closely with a number of leading food manufacturers to ensure they get the fresh processed vegetables they require.

If you’re currently using IQF or dehydrated produce ingredients in your products, think about the flavor and texture improvement high-quality, fresh-cut vegetables can make. We offer an incredibly wide array of fresh-cut fruit and vegetable purees that are sure to add new life to your recipes.

Customization is one of our specialties, so we can supply all of the fresh, delicious produce you need, virtually any way you need it, no matter how big or small your operation is. We will work with you to find the best packaging option for your needs. 


We love working with schools that are changing their buying habits to provide more fresh food options for their students. Many of the schools we work with receive grants through the USDA’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. We know those schools take their fresh produce seriously, and so do we.

Serving sizes are a crucial component of school breakfast and lunch programs. We individually package fresh-cut produce in 1 oz. to 7 oz. easy-to-open cups and bags. We also provide large bulk quantities of the same produce in practically any quantity your school needs to stock a salad bar or use in food preparation. If you’d rather have pre-packaged salads, we can do that, too.

As an added bonus, we have a dietitian on staff who can help you with healthy menu planning or implement a wellness program for your staff.  

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